Asphalt Installations and Replacements

Say Goodbye to Your Damaged Asphalt

Say Goodbye to Your Damaged Asphalt

Arrange for asphalt replacement services in Canton, Walpole or Westwood, MA

When business owners in Canton, Walpole or Westwood, MA need asphalt replacement services, they turn to the pros at Norfolk Asphalt Paving & Excavation. We can do everything from commercial parking lot paving projects to driveway replacements.

With this service, our contractors will tear up old or damaged asphalt to prepare the site for new pavement. The old asphalt will be pulverized and mixed with the underlying soil or hauled away, creating a stable base for the new installation. This ensures you get an asphalt replacement that will withstand the test of time.

Learn more about our replacement services by calling 781-828-1007 today.

5 signs you need to replace your asphalt

You might not realize that you need commercial parking lot paving services from us. Call us as soon as you notice any of these signs:

  1. Potholes: The presence of large, deep holes in your asphalt
  2. Extensive cracks: Numerous wide cracks splitting your asphalt
  3. Drainage issues: Poor water drainage or standing water on your asphalt
  4. Fading color: Faded or discolored asphalt indicating deterioration
  5. Structural damage: Substantial damage, unevenness or sinking asphalt
At the first sign of trouble, get in touch with us for an asphalt replacement. We'll restore your asphalt surface in no time.

A Flawless Asphalt Parking Lot for Your Business Facility

A Flawless Asphalt Parking Lot for Your Business Facility

Take advantage of our commercial asphalt paving services in Canton, Walpole or Westwood, MA

A poorly maintained parking lot can make your business facility look neglected. Don't let your property give off the wrong impression. Turn to Norfolk Asphalt Paving & Excavation to revitalize your parking lot in Canton, Walpole or Westwood, MA. We provide commercial asphalt paving services.

Our services are extensive and include:

  • Asphalt paving. This involves installing new surfaces, such as parking lots.
  • Asphalt resurfacing. This involves restoring your asphalt's look and functionality.
  • Asphalt overlay. This involves using new asphalt to make your surface stronger.
Whether you need parking lot paving services or something else, we can help you out. Call 781-828-1007 now to arrange for our services.

Check out our asphalt installation process

Norfolk Asphalt Paving & Excavation follows a thorough and reliable process for every asphalt installation project. You can expect us to...

  • Tear out the old driveway
  • Excavate up to 6 inches to remove roots, rocks and the old subbase
  • Grade and compact the area to prepare for new asphalt
  • Install, grade and compact a new subbase with up to 5 inches of gravel
  • Install an asphalt base binder with spreading machinery and a power roller
  • Install a 1.5- to 2-inch layer of finish asphalt, rolled for a smooth final result
  • Seal and waterproof the asphalt via a sand and emulsion sealer
We guarantee your new asphalt will last for five years. Reach out today to start your asphalt installation in Canton, Walpole or Westwood, MA.